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Hair clogging a drain is one of the most difficult challenges to solve as hair easily tangles and builds up over time. With the Spring Pipe Dredging Tool, you no longer have to worry about fixing a clogged pipe in your home.

Being super flexible and 85cm long, it is a deceptively simple tool that works its way around curves and bends to get into hard-to-reach spots in the pipeline. Though the dredging too is powerful, it is guaranteed not to hurt your drains.


  • Super flexible: With flexible and bendable spring cable on the top and retractable claws on the bottom, the cleaner can grip any blockage tightly
  • 85cm long: long enough to really go deep into the drain, remove any clog and debris, and flow the drain smoothly
  • Harmless to drain: powerful but not harmful to your drains, unlike toxic chemical drain cleaners
  • Universal: perfect for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, utility sinks, bathtubs, and shower drain cleaning, especially any narrow place and gap that is hard to reach

  • Just slide down the drain as far as possible, press the top of the handle, then pull it out, clean it and use it again
  • Produced in good ductility, toughness and durability


  • Material: Iron wire + PP
  • Size: 61.5cm/ 83cm
  • Weight: 100g

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