Manual Juicer Lemon Lime Squeezer,Metal Juicer Citrus Squeezer Press


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Manual Juicer Lemon Lime Squeezer,Metal Juicer Citrus Squeezer Press,Professional Hand Juicer Kitchen Tool(2-in-1)
Do you have an electric-powered juicer set that you never get out of the cupboard? Are you not getting enough juice out of your limes, lemons, oranges or other fruits? Are you getting seeds in your juice?
This commercial juicer maximizes yield from limes AND lemons, compare with any stainless steel lemon squeezer.
Are you forced use a mini reamer, strainer, old fashioned tool or sprayer AND have to manually pick out pulp and seeds from your dish or drink?
Introducing the perfectly-sized 2-in-1 manual citrus juicer aid that adapts to your needs!

• Gets every last drop from big and small lemons, limes and small oranges
• Relieves your hands from the strain of squeezing fruits manually with just a lemon knife and your hand.
• Stores easily in a utensil drawer.
• Durable enough for restaurant use.
• Keeps seeds out out of your cup and maintains pulp control without separate accessories.
• Cleans in seconds or can be washed in the dishwasher.
Color:Classic Yellow and Green
Material: Aluminum alloy
Package includes:
1 x Manual Juicer Lemon Lime Squeezer

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