Portable Outdoor Hammock

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Question:What is the best way to wash this hammock?
Answer: You can wash by machine!

Question: Would you recommend this hammock for someone who is 6'4?
Answer: I'm 6'3 and have plenty of room. I think you'll be great with it.

Question: Is this hammock easy to take apart and put back up? I would love to be able to just put it up on my hikes and take it down when I'm done!
Answer: Yes, it's very easy to use. We put it up and take it down with each use, it only takes minutes.

Question: how much weight does it hold?
Answer: This Double Hammock has been tested to hold up to 550 pounds!

Question: Does this fit two people?
Answer: Yes it does, me and my girlfriend use it all the time. Plenty of room. We're both pretty light people, less than 340lbs together.

Question: Does this hammock get hot and sticky when it's humid out? Or does it stay reasonably cool?
Answer: nice and cool in humid conditions but it does get a bit moist in the morning dew. Despite that, still the best hammock I've ever had.

Question: Does this come with everything you need to use to assemble it or do you need to buy extra gear?
Answer: Everything is there! Amazing value" We have limited supply of this best selling Hammock. Grab yours today.


  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! Our hammock doesn't need two perfect trees like the others. With our portable stand you can put yours anywhere you want. We guarantee your easy enjoyment for years to come. That's why our Hammock is the #1 choice for Amazon Buyers!


  • TRUSTED! Many customers use our Hammock indoors as permanent bed replacements. They say it produces a deeper more restful sleep and is a good solution to backpain. Dr. Stefano Sinicropi, MD states: "...Hammocks can be quite comfortable for people suffering from back pain."


  • STRONG! The problem with other indoor and outdoor hammock is they rip or fall apart after a few months. Our product solves that problem. Our design includes the strongest stitching. Making this the best double person hammock on the market! Holds up to 550 Pounds!


  • A FRESH APPROACH! Our Hammock contains nothing but comfortable and breathable material. This means you can feel the breeze through the hottest weather conditions.


  • EASY TO SETUP! Our portable hammock with stand can be fully put together in a matter of minutes. No wrenches or screwdrivers needed. Open the Box and Assemble. Super Quick, Great Instructions and a Direct Line to superb, experienced helpers.



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